Commercial Junk Problems – More Than an Unsightly Mess

Commercial Junk Problems – More Than an Unsightly Mess

As a commercial enterprise you collect a bit of a mess from time to time. This may come soon after a major inventory change, a renovation, relocation, or even a weather event that has caused damage to commercial property and its contents. Some businesses take a bit longer to deal with the debris, as they have limited human resources to attend to the matter, and instead prefer to place all focus on servicing the customer. Fair enough. However, in letting the junk sit idle, you run the risk of further disrupting operations, and this extends far beyond the fact that keeping waste on site leaves an unsightly display for customers and/staff. Below, we’ve laid out these primary concerns so that you can see that expedient action is required.

4 Other Reasons Why You Need to Remove the Junk from Your Commercial Property Right Away

1. Liability Risk

You understand the implications of leaving a spill unattended on the shop or office floor. It can result in injury to customers/clients and staff on premises, which is why you deal with it immediately. You need to consider junk and scrap in the same way. Even though you may assume that the garbage (broken down appliances, crates, equipment, machinery, etc.) over there in the corner screams “stay away” it still invites commercial liability risk as property damage, personal injury, or even death can ensue. If it can be shown in claims court that in leaving the junk in its place contributed to the event, it can then be determined that damage/injury was caused by your negligence. You know what the implications of that look like.

Resist the urge to sweep that mess under the carpet, and instead invest in affordable junk removal.

2. Pest Infestation

Nothing invites the rodents, critters, and creatures that inhabit the woods, suburbs, and urban centers of the greater Winnipeg area quite like a good junk pile. All it takes is one day to leave it idle and you may find your clump has collected enough wildlife and insects to launch the latest Disney film, without the pay day. 

Pest infestation can directly result in damage to commercial products and equipment, and also poses a health hazard to customers and staff. Don’t give these pests a place to call home around your place of business – remove it.

3. Bylaw Violations

Your commercial zone may or may not be relaxed when it comes to taking action against businesses that let junk build up outside of their property, especially if it’s in a back alley or adjacent lot. But eventually nearby residents (especially in live-work-play zones) and the general public will voice their concern and municipal bodies may strike with fines and permit suspensions. Take note of the bylaw codes near you – theres’ a good chance your junk pile is in violation. 

4. Lost Business

While we dismissed the unsightly nature of maintaining junk on or around your commercial property as being a given, it can indeed have a direct impact on your ability to draw in customers/clients. If a homeowner was looking to sell their property but left an old refrigerator on the from lawn, buyers will walk away. If your commercial business does the same, customers will also move on the greener pastures – your competitors. Even an “Excuse the Mess During Renovations” sign doesn’t cut it these days given the fickle nature of consumers. If you’re not ready for full junk removal, at the very least have a clean and professional looking dumpster bin on site until it makes sense to have it removed – or face the prospect of losing customers.

Affordable Bins delivers commercial businesses more than dumpsters for collecting waste, we also offer commercial junk removal services. View more here, or simply contact us for an estimate.

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