Dumpster for Fire Damaged Property

Dumpster for Fire Damaged Property

Have you been charged with cleaning up a fire ravaged property in the Greater Winnipeg area? Whether a residential, commercial, or industrial space, the project is a lot more complicated than clearing out a typical abandoned building. The remaining construction and scrap within have been soaked in water. Moreover, firefighters may have had to use a variety of agents such as firefighting foam, dry chemicals (mono-ammonium phosphate), dry powders (sodium chloride), wet chemicals (potassium acetate), or carbon dioxide. Simply put, the property is a hazardous mess. As such, you need to bring in a dumpster rental service so you can manage the task immediately. You’ve come to the right place. Below is a succinct breakdown of why Affordable Bins is the solution you need, right now.

Why Choose Affordable Bins Dumpster Rental to Clean and Clear Out a Winnipeg Area Building Ravaged by Fire

Because You Don’t Have the Time/Resources to Sort Through Wet Scrap and Ash

As alluded to above, you don’t have the luxury of leaving the property as is. Between subsequent water damage, chemicals, and the inherent threat of exposed materials, insulation, wiring, and more, you have a responsibility to complete the cleanup right away. The problem, is that most other dumpster companies in Winnipeg have strict requirements about what can and cannot be placed in their dumpsters. Furthermore, most do not have the sizes needed to accommodate the job. This is not a concern when you choose Affordable Bins. We have the most diverse fleet of junk bins in the city, ranging from 3 and 7-cubic yards to 15 and 20-cubic yards (view sizes). Better yet, we don’t handcuff clients in need – you can toss anything and everything into our bins without cause for concerns. We’ll take care of the post0use cleanup. And what if you have a fire ravaged concrete building to contend with? Fret not, because we have dedicated concrete dumpsters too.

Because You Need the Bin/s Placed Where You Need It Most

Another problem with other dumpster rental companies in Winnipeg, is accessibility. They may have the bin size/type that you need, but they can only deliver it in a convenient (for them) area where the nearest road meets the property. This doesn’t help much if you need the bin lifted over an enclosure,or if the building is located in a rural property such as a farm. Once again, Affordable Bins alleviates this concern. We have the machinery (i.e. cranes), vehicles (roll-on roll-off flat beds), and expert crew to get your bin to the exact spot you need it most. This reduces your need to lift and carry hazardous fire-ravaged scrap.

Because You Need Fire-Damaged Scrap Removed Too

Don’t have the time or resources to take the filled dumpster/s away for responsible disposal? We’ve got you covered on this front as well. In addition to our dumpster rental service, we will remove the fire-ravaged scrap and materials for you, and will ensure that it has been sorted, recycled, and disposed of (as applicable) in a sustainable manner that abides by municipal, provincial, and federal law. View more about our Winnipeg junk removal service here.

Because You’ve Suffered Enough Financial Loss Already

If you owned the property, you have already suffered enough of a financial loss from the fire as is. Even if insurance will cover the loss in the future, you’re feeling the pinch today. As such, you demand a dumpster rental service that doesn’t break the bank. Well, the answer is right there in our name. View Affordable Bins dumpster rental rates to find out how we’re the most cost-efficient solution (considering the wealth of services) in the Winnipeg area.

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