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As a scrap yard manager you’re charged with an abundance of duties. They include managing construction equipment, scrapping cars, running a recycling program, and maintaining consistent inbound scrap flow within budgeting guidelines, including brokering loads and much more. While you’re accustomed to seeing contractors come in with junk-filled dumpsters, you’ve realized that you could use one or more of your own to maintain on-site for extended periods of time. That said, you certainly don’t need it year round, which is why you’re looking for a rental. You’re right where you need to be. Affordable Bins is Winnipeg’s go-to bin rental for residential, commercial, and industrial projects, and we’re perfect for your scrap yard dumpster needs too. Let’s review.

Why You Should Choose Affordable Bins’ Dumpster Rental Service for Your Winnipeg Area Scrap Yard

We Have All Necessary Sizes

Your requirements vary with inflow and outflow. In one week you may need a pair of 7-cubic yard dumpsters to sort through and move small loads. In another week you may require a large 20-cubic yard bin for heavy-duty scrap. Concurrently, you might have to bring in dedicated concrete dumpsters. Whatever the case may be, we have all of the sized you can use, from 3-cubic yard, 7-cubic yard, 15-cubic yard, to 20-cubic yard bins along with the aforementioned concrete dumpsters. Click here to view sizes along with our VERY affordable rates.

We Will Deliver it Where You Need It

Most other dumpster rental companies will deliver your bin/s to the primary delivery area of your scrap yard, and that’s it. However, you likely need the dumpster to be placed elsewhere so that your crew can sort, load, and redistribute as desired. Affordable Bins understands this. We have the equipment (cranes), vehicles (roll-on roll-off flatbeds) and experienced crew to place your dumpster/s exactly where you demand.

We Offer Monthly Rentals Too

As alluded to above, you desire to maintain a dumpster on-site at the scrap yard for longer than a week (standard rental period). This can be a problem for most dumpster rental services in Winnipeg, as they do not have the available inventory to accommodate extended rental periods. This is not a problem for Affordable Bins. We have the largest fleet in the area, not just in size diversity (addressed above) but in sheer number. View more on our monthly dumpster rental option.

Is your scrap yard located in Greater Winnipeg, including the surrounding towns and rural regions that are included in our service area? If you want a quote and/or have any questions whatsoever, simply pick up the phone to give us a call. We’re here to make your job easier!

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