Dumpster Rental for Renovation Chutes

Dumpster Rental for Renovation Chutes

Image: Missing something for your renovation scrap chute?

You’ve started a residential remodel which involves renovation to the second (or higher) floor of the property. To manage the scrap (old bathroom sinks, etc.) that is generated in the process, you have constructed a makeshift garbage chute to connect the upper deck to the base of the property. There’s only one problem – you don’t have a dumpster bin to collect it all. Do you have to slide it into a hazardous pile onto the driveway or lawn? Not when your project is in the Greater Winnipeg area. Affordable Bins offers the immediate solution you need. And in addition to being readily available to deliver your dumpster today (just click to call) there are a number of benefits to choosing us over the rest for your dumpster chute rental. Let’s review.

Why Choose Affordable Bins Dumpsters to Collect Scrap from a Residential Renovation Second Floor Chute

We Have the Size/s Your Project Needs

Need a chute dumpster to fit in a narrow residential driveway without blocking the path of incoming/outgoing vehicles? Unlike others, we have the largest fleet of bins, which includes small (3-cubic yard), medium (7-cubic yard), and large (15-20 cubic yard) options to accommodate your sizing needs. View them all right here.

We Place it Where You Want It

We don’t just drop off your dumpster in front of the house or driveway and leave it to you to build yet another extension for your garbage chute. Instead, we place the bin exactly where you need it so that it works with your existing funnel, no matter how makeshift its construction is. We have the vehicles, equipment, and crew to make it the most convenient for YOU.

Most Cost Efficient Chute Dumpster Rental

Immediate response, diversity in sizes, convenient drop-off, and service with a smile. You get it all at the most cost efficient (for premium rentals) option in the Winnipeg service area. View affordable rates here.

We’ll Take the Chute Junk Away Too

In addition to garbage chute dumpster rental, we offer junk removal too. Whether you require one-time pickup upon home remodel completion, or you need us to return more than one time throughout the project, we take care of the junk removal so that you don’t have to. View more on our Winnipeg junk removal service here.

That’s it! What more do you need to know? If anything, just give us a ring by calling the number below.

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