Why Rent a Dumpster for Black Friday (Retailers)

Why Rent a Dumpster for Black Friday (Retailers)

Last year, 54 percent of Canadians participated in Black Friday promotions. This is up from 31 percent from the year before, indicating that more of us are hopping on the USA’s annual shopping bandwagon. As a result, brick and mortar retailers in Winnipeg are currently making plans for Black Friday. They are offering door-busting promotions and bringing in extra staff (even security) to prepare for the big day and weekend carryover of Holiday shoppers. Are you among them? If so, we encourage you to consider making a dumpster rental a part of your preparations for the week of Black Friday , bookended by the days before and after November 25th. Why should this be considered a part of essential preparations? Let’s find out!

Why Winnipeg Retail Stores Should Rent a Dumpster to Prepare for Black Friday Shoppers This Season

Provides Staff With a Quick and Easy Receptacle for Product Scrap and Packaging

If you’ve got pallets of boxed, wrapped, and sealed products coming in for the big day, you will have a lot of scrap to contend with. Furthermore, there is no time to properly sort the plastics, cardboard, and other forms of packing material. You need your staff to unsheathe it all and put it out on the floor as soon as possible. By having a medium sized bin (7-cubic yard) in the warehouse, back alley, or side street (as applicable) you give them (staff) a place to toss all of the scrap without wasting a valuable second. Once Black Friday and the weekend is done, they can then sort through it all for recycling, repurposing, and/or disposal.

Note: Retail labor shortages of 2022 have exponentially increased this need for efficiency.

Have You Seen the Aftermath of a Successful Black Friday?

“Unpacking materials” is one thing, but if you’ve been through a busy Black Friday as a retailer, then you know what sort of clutter to expect when the day and/or weekend is done. Empty and crumbled boxes line shelves and floor-spaces while assorted garbage and debris are strewn about the premises. The bigger the promotions, the bigger the sales, and the bigger the mess. By already having a bin nearby, you’ll be able to clean up hazardous obstacles so that staff can restock the shelves and prepare for the December Holiday season rush. Now that we think of it, you may need to keep your dumpster for a month or longer!

Now that you’ve decided to rent a dumpster to manage commercial scrap for this coming November 25th, you’re now looking for a Black Friday dumpster rental deal of your own. You’re already in the right place. For the diverse fleet of bins and superior drop-off/pickup and waste removal service you won’t find a more cost efficient option in Winnipeg MB.

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