Farm Dumpsters for Rent

Farm Dumpsters for Rent

Has your southern Manitoba farmland become an eyesore due to a pileup of scrap and junk from managing the farm over the last few years? Or are you revamping agricultural operations to make room for new livestock and/or crops? Perhaps you’ve just purchased the property and need to clean things up before you officially take over. Whatever the case may be you are in need of a farm dumpster (or more). If your land is located in on the outskirts of Winnipeg and the surrounding area you’ve planted yourself in the right spot. Here’s why.

Why Winnipeg Area Farmers and Ranchers Choose Affordable Bins Dumpster Rentals to Help Manage and Remove Agricultural Scrap

Wherever on the Farmland You Need Us

Farmlands are vast and located in rural areas. Most dumpster rental providers are not up for such a task. They are not able to place their dumpster wherever you need it. Instead, they place it in a spot most convenient for them. As a result, you and/or your workers will have to lug loads to the dumpster, which eats away at your precious time and resources. This is not an issue when you rent your farm dumpster/s from Affordable Bins. We have vehicles (trucks and flatbeds) that can manage rural topography, and we also have craning systems that can help position your dumpster over fences, gradients, and other obstacles that are common to farmland. There are very few challenges that our staff and operations cannot solve.

Perfect for Barns Too

It’s not just the scrap on your farmland that you need to contend with. Your barn and barnyard may be full of broken equipment (tractor and heavy machinery parts, etc.) and landscaping waste along with all sorts of junk that has been generated over the years and tucked into the barn. The issue, is that “out of sight, out of mind” is no long out of sight, or mind. Fret not, because we have what you need. Affordable Bins has already put together a comprehensive guide as to why our dumpster rental service is perfect for barn and barnyard scrap collection and removal. Click here for a quick review.

Most Cost Efficient Option

Whether it’s a lean year for crops and/or government subsidies aren’t cutting it, you need to cut financial corners wherever possible, but without sacrificing quality. As a farmer you understand the latter better than anyone. Once again we see why Affordable Bins is the only option for farm dumpster rental. For the services we provide (also see below) you won’t find a more cost-efficient option. View our rates (and dumpster sizes) here.

Farmland Junk Removal Too

As alluded to above, our service offering for agricultural operators extends beyond farm dumpster rentals. We also offer junk removal too. All that you need is to load up your bins (7, 15, 0r 20 cubic yards) and we’ll come and take them (and the waste within) away for you. That is the out-of-sight and out-of-mind peace of mind that you’re looking for.

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