Dumpster Rental for Barns and Barnyards

Dumpster Rental for Barns and Barnyards

There are nearly 15,000 farms in Manitoba, with a significant concentration of them surrounding the greater Winnipeg area. Many of them have barns on site to help manage livestock and other operations. They house tractors, farming equipment, tools, hay, and much more. It’s within the “much more” than leads to the need of an on-site dumpster twice per year – once at the onset of growing season, and again after the harvest. If you are charged with maintaining a Winnipeg area barnyard and need a dumpster bin to help “clean house”, there’s only one option to consider. Let’s review.

Why Choose Affordable Bins Dumpster Rental to Collect Scrap and Clean Up Your Winnipeg Area Barnyard

Bin Sizes Exclusive to Your Needs

No barnyard need is the same. Prior to growing season you may only require a standard 7-cubic yard bin, but after the harvest your needs may grow exponentially, at which point a 15 or 20-cubic yard bin may be more appropriate. Perhaps you’ve got a barnyard renovation underway and require a dedicated concrete dumpster. Whatever the case may be we have the bin sizes you need. Heck, you may host a good ol’ fashioned barn dance/party in the spring/summer and need an on-site bin to manage scrap to come from the shindig. If so, we’ve got you covered with event dumpsters too!

The Equipment, Machinery, Vehicles and Staff Needed to Place the Bin on Your Rural Property

Diversity of bin sizes is one of our primary value propositions. Another, is the fact that we can deliver dumpster bins anywhere in our service area, no matter how rural. This is a major competitive advantage that makes us the go-to dumpster rental company in the region. Despite tough terrain, gradient, and other topographic obstacles we’ll get the bin to you and have it placed right by your barn door. We’re able to do this because we have the vehicles, equipment and machinery (including flatbeds and cranes), and know-how staff to manage any rural project.

For Agricultural Waste, Barnyard Junk, and More

Unlike most other dumpster bin rental companies in the Winnipeg area, we have bins to accommodate all sorts of junk. Your barn, barnyard, and surrounding farmland may have rundown agricultural equipment, auto scrap, and broken fence pickets, along with other types of scrap wood and metal. You may also have agricultural squander such as spoiled crops and landscaping waste (rocks, dirt, branches, brush, etc.) which our bins can accommodate too. When we say we have a dumpster rental for everything, we mean it!

We Take it Away Too

In addition to having dumpsters for everything you could possible need on farmland, we also offer full service junk removal too. All you need to do is fill you bin and leave the rest to us. Learn more about our Winnipeg junk removal service.

Most Cost Efficient Option

For everything that we’ve listed above you won’t find a more cost efficient dumpster rental solution in the greater Winnipeg area. View our rates here. If you want to rent the dumpster/s for longer, or feel as if you have more custom needs than described in sizes/rates page, simply contact us to describe the project and receive an estimate.

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