Abandoned Car Removal in Winnipeg

Abandoned Car Removal in Winnipeg

Are you responsible for removing an abandoned vehicle from a property in Winnipeg or nearby in southern Manitoba? Whether it’s a beater or a burned-out shell of its former self, we will take care of the problem for you. Call 204.222.6004 to schedule pickup and removal right away, or read below for more information about why Affordable Bins is the only company to turn to for this particular task.

Why Choose Affordable Bins When You Need to Collect and Remove an Abandoned Vehicle from Your Winnipeg Area Property

Dumpsters to Accommodate Abandoned Vehicle Scrap

As the name “Affordable Bins” indicates, we don’t just offer abandoned car removal. Any tow truck can handle that part (although generally at greater expense). As a value-add, we also have large industrial dumpster bins that we can bring to the site as needed. We will collect the old vehicle/s along with all of the parts that may be strewn about the property. This makes the service ideal for situations where you have more than an abandoned car to attend to. Our dumpster bins can handle it ALL. View bin sizes and affordable rates right here.

Equipment to Get to the Abandoned Vehicle Anywhere

Abandon vehicles are often found in rural areas such as on agricultural or industrial land. This makes it a challenge for other junk removal operators, but not for us. Whether stranded on an awkward gradient on farmland, laying in a roadside ditch, or tucked into a quarry, we have the equipment, machinery (cranes, etc.) and experienced staff to take on the task.

Quick Abandoned Car Removal

We have a large fleet and staff that is on-call and ready to get to work Call 204.222.6004 to schedule pickup for the abandoned vehicle (and more) to get the headache out of the way, and avoid any liability that may come from leaving the car where it is for longer than safe to do so.

Responsible Abandoned Car Disposal

We don’t just collect the vehicle and remove it quickly, we manage breakdown and “disposal” in a responsible manner. We will ensure that parts get reused and recycled as possible. When you choose to work with Affordable Bins, you don’t just do yourself a favor, you do right by the environment too. Click the button below to schedule pickup!

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