Dumpster Rental for Drywall

Dumpster Rental for Drywall

Drywall scrap is the pesky side effect of residential and commercial renovations and retrofits. It leaves property owners, contractors, and subcontractors with chalky pile of waste to deal without throughout a project. If you’re among them, then you need to mitigate the headache it presents by securing the services of a dumpster rental. That being said, you have questions about what is permitted and how to best gather and remove scrap drywall from your Winnipeg Manitoba area property. Below are the answers you’re looking for.

Answers to Your Questions About Drywall Dumpster Rental in Winnipeg MB

Can You Put Drywall in a Dumpster?

Yes, you can put pretty much anything in a dumpster, drywall included. It’s what you choose to do with it after it has been collected in a dumpster that matters to governing bodies (more on this below). For the time being, we recommend renting a dumpster before you break ground on your renovation/retrofit project. Furthermore, choose a dumpster rental company that has the ideal range of bin sizes to accommodate the volume of drywall scrap that will be produced. Moreover, look only to companies that have the vehicles, equipment and machinery (flatbed trucks with cranes), and staff that can deliver and position the dry wall dumpster exactly where you need it. If located in the Greater Winnipeg area, that drywall dumpster rental provider is Affordable Bins. View rates and bin sizes here.

How to Dispose of Drywall?

The Government of Manitoba’s WasteWise program has detailed a materials breakdown for exactly how to responsibly dispose of drywall in Winnipeg and surrounding communities. You can read through it all right here. Do you have the time and interest to comb through the fine print? We didn’t think so. Instead, leave drywall removal and disposal/recycling to Affordable Bins. In addition to drywall bin rental, we offer removal services that are done in a responsible and sustainable manner that abides by municipal and provincial regulations.

Where to Dump Drywall Near Me?

As alluded to above, you can leave the drywall “dumping” (read: sustainable disposal) to Affordable Bins. Whether located in the heart of Canada’s most central city, or in a surrounding township such as Selkirk, Lockport, Warren and beyond, we will come to you. View our service area here.

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