Dumpster for Community Cleanup

Dumpster for Community Cleanup

A community cleanup is a welcome trend where volunteers of all ages work together to gather up abandoned junk and scrap from around the neighborhood. Participants comb through community parks, lots, and alleyways, along with other nooks and crannies. They may even rally to help out certain households (seniors and those with disabilities) that are not able to clean up their yards on their own. The end result of a cooperative cleanup project is a safer, healthier, and more attractive community that everyone within can take pride in.

In addition to good old fashioned gumption, participants require a few important things to prepare for a community cleanup. Residents need protective gloves and clothing, garbage picking tools, garbage and composting bags, and perhaps most importantly – a dumpster rental. If your upcoming community cleanup is for a neighborhood in the greater Winnipeg area there is only one dumpster rental to consider – Affordable Bins.

Why Choose Affordable Bins for Your Community Cleanup Project in the Greater Winnipeg MB Area

We Bring the Dumpster To You

Affordable Bins will bring the dumpster to your community no matter where in the greater Winnipeg area it may be. We have a vast service area that includes Winnipeg in addition to surrounding towns such as Selkirk, Lockport, Warren, and a number of nearby rural areas. Moreover, we have the vehicles, equipment, machinery (cranes, etc.) and experienced staff to place your dumpster (or dumpsters) exactly where you need them to be. There is no setting too complicated or rural for our crew to manage.

Dumpsters for EVERYTHING

Affordable Bins has a vast fleet of sturdy dumpster bins, including 3-cubic yard bins, 7-cubic yard bins, 15-cubic yard bins, and 20-cubic yard bins, in addition to dedicated concrete bins. These bins can accept whatever you have to toss into them, from scrap wood and metal to landscaping waste, broken branches, old furniture, abandoned vehicles, and everything beyond and between. In fact, community volunteers (especially the kids!) will have a blast throwing scrap into our welcoming receptacles. View more on how our dumpsters are used for everything.

Affordable Rates for Your Community

A community cleanup is a volunteer program, so you’d like to keep costs at a minimum. As our name indicates, we offer Winnipeg residents with one of the most cost efficient dumpster rental options around. Proceeds from an average neighborhood yard sale can cover the cost of a weekly rental with ease! View weekly rates which are based on bin rental sizes here. We will also make concessions for monthly rental programs should you need to extend your community cleanup through an entire month.

We Do Junk Removal Too

In addition to dumpster drop-off and subsequent pick-up, Affordable Bins offers junk removal services too. All that your community cleanup crew needs to do is load the dumpster and we’ll take care of the rest. We will come and remove the job-well-done from your area and you (together will all volunteers) can kick back and enjoy your glistening community with well-deserved pride. View more on our Winnipeg junk removal service here.

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