Dumpster Rental for Schools

Dumpster Rental for Schools

There are nearly 80 schools within the Winnipeg School Division. This makes it the largest school district in the Province of Manitoba. At least one of the institutions within the district undergoes some form of a renovation, retrofit, and/or expansion through each and every annum. A lot of junk, scrap, and waste is created throughout the duration of the respective projects, which makes dumpster rentals extremely important. Having at least one dumpster on-site (no matter the size of the project) is important to maintaining the safety of staff and students who are on the grounds during school hours and otherwise. Maintaining a clean construction/renovation site is also essentially to the pride of an institution and it helps expedite the completion of a project.

As an administrator who is in charge of equipment and materials procurement for an upcoming renovation, retrofit, and/or expansion for a school it’s your duty to do due diligence when selecting which dumpster rental company in Winnipeg will deliver the optimal outcome/s. Below is an education on why Affordable Bins gets straight A’s in all relevant categories (puns intended).

Why Choose Affordable Bins for Your School’s Cleanup, Renovation, or Expansion Project in the Greater Winnipeg MB Area

Dumpster Bins for All Things A-Z

Small items (broker chairs, desks, file cabinets, etc.) are easy enough to manage for most bins. However, when schools undergo renovations (etc.) there are often a large number of constructs from the interiors and annexes to the playground that need to be scrapped. It is not uncommon the see old and rundown basketball hoops, goal posts, fencing, stadium seating, and more being relegated to the junk pile. High-schools with trade and vocational programs may even have large engine parts or entire automobile frames slated for removal. Whatever your needs may be, Affordable Bins has the dumpster sizes you need to move forward with your project. Our fleet of dumpsters includes 3-cubic yard bins, 7-cubic yard bins, 15-cubic yard bins, and 20-cubic yard bins in addition to dedicated concrete dumpsters. View more on bin sizes here.

We Show Up On Time, and Where You Need Us

Our large fleet of bins and large staff ensures availability at all times during the school year and through the “off season”. As a result we’re available at your beckon call when you need us, where you need us. And we’re serious when it comes to the latter, as we have the equipment and machinery (flatbed trucks and cranes) to place your dumpster/s exactly where you need it on or around school grounds.

We Expel the Junk for You Too

In addition to dumpster rentals, we also provide junk removal services to expel project scrap from the school property as promptly as you need us to. All your contractors and staff (and participating students?) need to do is load the bin up with as much as you can, and we’ll take care of the rest in a timely and responsible (recycling, etc.) manner. View more on our junk removal services.

School-Budget Friendly

Is there such a thing as a school (public or private) that isn’t on a tight budget? Not in our experience. We know that you have limited funds to work with, which is why you’ll appreciate Affordable Bins above the rest. For all of the professional and full-service experience provided you won’t find a more cost efficient solution in the greater Winnipeg area. View more about our rates here.

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