Dumpster Rental for Glass

Dumpster Rental for Glass

Do you have a residential renovation, retrofit, or remodel coming up in the next few days, weeks, or months? Among materials such as granite, tile, marble, wood, metal, vinyl, and the like, no component causes headaches when it comes to separation and disposal quite like glass. Shower doors, bathroom mirrors, and a variety of partitions, closets, and walls incorporate glass. Each presents its own distinct set of challenges when it comes to management. The six different types of glass use for home interiors/exteriors include the following”

  • Frosted glass
  • Insulated glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Plexiglass
  • Polycarbonate glass
  • Tempered glass

Do you have a plan for how to manage the “scrap” glass being removed from the property during the renovation, retrofit, or remodel? Below is why you need to rent a dumpster specifically for this purpose, and why you should choose Affordable Bins when your project is located in the greater Winnipeg MB area.

Why Rent an Affordable Bins Dumpster to Manage Glass Scrap from a Winnipeg MB Home Renovation

“Back Alley” Glass is a Liability

Dumpster Rental for Glass

The second you place glass-scrap outside of the home and into the garbage pickup area and/or back alley (etc.) you take on liability risk. Already-broken glass is a hazard to neighborhood kids, pets, and whomever else comes across it. Glass of any sort should not be exposed to the public when it’s on or adjacent to your property (where it can be tied to your property). If someone is injured you could be held liable.

Dumpster Rental for Glass

Homeowners may think they’re doing someone a favor by leaving unbroken glass-constructs in the back alley for “FREE” pickup, but this incites even greater liability. You’re essentially inviting someone to grab it and pick it up. If the glass has been compromised there will be a hidden (yet sharp) crack or fracture in the glass then can cut someone. All glass byproducts of a renovation, retrofit, or remodel should be separated and placed in a dedicated dumpster bin for removal.

Why Choose Affordable Bins

We have the most diverse fleet of dumpsters for residential renovations in Winnipeg Manitoba. Our 3-cubic and 7-cubic yard bins are perfect for glass byproduct disposal, but we also have 15- and 20- cubic yard dumpsters for large homes with large glass panels that need to be removed from the property. We also have the most cost efficient weekly rental rates, with very affordable options to extend your rental for as long as you need it. View dumpster sizes and corresponding rental rates right here. In addition, we offer junk removal services for your glass scrap. All that you need to do is fill it, and we’ll come pick it up and dispose of it responsibly at a pre-arranged time. View more on our Winnipeg junk removal service right here.



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