Home Construction Dumpster Rental…Required

Home Construction Dumpster Rental…Required

Last month we took you on a journey through a few undisclosed neighborhoods a few after a windstorm. The intent was to show why our service is desperately needed to safely manage broken branches (click here to view) that create harmful obstacles on Winnipeg’s streets, sidewalks, and properties. Simply put, to leave them unattended is to create potential for liability.

Well, the same is even more true for residential contractors. To undertake home construction projects without having a dumpster rental on-site from day-one creates tremendous risk to the public, laborers, and property owners who are paying for the development work. We recently took another stroll through local neighborhoods and this is what we found:

This is one of the biggest violations, as not only is lumber and debris strewn about the property, there is no fencing to prevent public access. The decision to not install a fence is one thing (it was left like this for at least an entire weekend) but to compound the concern by not using a dumpster is baffling. A dumpster rental could logically be used to collect debris and scrap wood. Meanwhile, a separate bin could be used as a receptacle to store usable lumber until laborers arrive the next day (or week) to hammer away on the project. This site is a massive liability risk.

At least there’s a fence., right? Still, look at eyesore and hazard created by this pile of home construction debris. We can assure you that is the property owner saw this there would be hell to pay. If the contractor rented a dumpster this hazardous pile of scrap would be safely and neatly tucked into a receptacle for latter removal.

Another disaster. Mixed in with the debris that should logically be placed within a bin, is usable lumber and materials that are being damaged by snowmelt, weather, and local wildlife who may see this as a sanctuary for mating and nesting. For a small cost (view rates) the contractor could avoid exceedingly more costly liability risk, and also avoid sanctions against them from the property owner and/or City inspectors who may soon visit the site.

Don’t let your home construction project look anything like the examples shown above. If undertaking a build in the Greater Winnipeg MB area contact Affordable Bins to rent your dumpster and follow-up junk removal.



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