Small Dumpster Rental

Small Dumpster Rental

While you may recognize our 15 and 20 cubic yard dumpsters when driving around Winnipeg, some of our most frequently rented ones are tucked inconspicuously in backyards on near the sides of homes, ready and waiting for small loads. After all, most residential projects and clean-ups do not require a large commercial-industrial dumpster. If you have a small to medium pile of junk that you need to collect into a bin, then a small dumpster will do just fine. And if you’re indeed located in the greater Winnipeg area there’s no better option than Affordable Bins. Here’s why.

Why Winnipeg Property Owners Choose Affordable Bins When it Comes to Small Dumpster Bin Rental

We Have Two Perfect Sizes for You

Small may be a relative term in the dumpster business, but we do absolutely have the options you need, no matter how small or “big-small” your needs are. Affordable Bins has 3-cubic yard and 7-cubic yard bins available for week long (or longer) rental. Whether you’re undertaking a household renovation, outdoor deck remodel, relocation, or simple indoor/outdoor cleanup for the spring and summer to come, we’ve got the bin sizes you need. They are clean, efficient, and match the outdoor colors (greens) of your lawn and garden space so that it’s not an eyesore for yourself or your neighbors. View all dumpster bins sizes here.

We Make It Easy for You

Just because you’re renting a small dumpster, doesn’t mean that you have the vehicle, equipment, and machinery to pick it up, transport it, and place it on your property exactly where you want it. Don’t worry about it, because we take care of all of the logistics for you. We will deliver your small dumpster to your property. We also have a helpful and professional crew that is armed with the necessary machinery to have the bin placed in the most convenient spot. You’ve got enough on your plate (renovation, remodel, clean-up, etc.). We’re here to make life easier.

Small Dumpsters That Are Actually Affordable

One of the reasons property owners opt out of renting a medium to large dumpster, is that beyond space restrictions, they don’t want to spend too much for what is essentially a big ol’ garbage can. Give our company name, it’s no secret that Affordable Bins has the most cost efficient solution in the greater Winnipeg area. View low rates for our 3 and 7 cubic yard bins right here.

We Remove Junk Too

While you may have a small amount of junk in your rented bin, you don’t relish the thought of having to take it to the dump or recycling plant on your own. Again, you’ve got enough on your plate. We have thought of this as well, which is why in addition to small dumpster rental, we offer junk removal services too. Learn more about Winnipeg junk removal here.

Affordable Bins services the entire greater Winnipeg area and beyond. View our service area for southern Manitoba. Call us anytime to book your dumpster rental, and feel free to let us know if you have any questions whatsoever.

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