Waste Bin Not Big Enough?

Waste Bin Not Big Enough?

Does the back or side of your commercial or industrial building look like the featured image above? It’s unfortunately a common sight, despite having traditional garbage and waste bins on the exterior premises. During certain times of the week, month, and year these bins are simply not big enough to manage loads. When the junk collection scene becomes a mess it’s time to call in the big guns – a dumpster rental. Still unsure? Here’s why businesses and property owners should keep a dumpster bin on site to cover the excess.

Why Rent a Dumpster to Cover the Excess Junk that Your Waste Bins Can’t Handle

Because There Are Dumpsters to Fit it All

The reason waste bins aren’t big enough is because they are not constructed to be able to handle and hold large items such as broken furniture, crates and packaging, renovation scrap, and so forth. But with a full service dumpster rental company, you will have access to dumpsters that have been designed to manage it all. Affordable Bins for instance, has dumpsters that are up to 20 cubic yards in size, including concrete dumpsters. Whether you need it to fit auto parts, scrap wood, metal pipes, rocks or roofing materials a dumpster can handle what your current waste bin can’t.

Because They Get Picked Up When You Want

If you rely upon the city for waste collection then you’re a slave to their schedule. With a dumpster rental you can schedule the pick up in advance for any day of the week or month that YOU want. You know when the pileup begins better than anyone, so it’s you that gets to call the shots. And don’t worry, if in the Winnipeg area you will benefit not just from our dumpster rental, but our junk removal service too. With Affordable Bins, you get the junk receptacle and removal that you want when you want it.

Because People Will Dump on Your Property No Matter What

We know what you’re thinking. If you add a dumpster along side your waste bins then all of a sudden people from all over the community will bring their busted furniture and junk and toss it in there too. They’ll see it as an open invitation, right? Here’s the thing – they do it anyways. Even the existence of typical waste bin invites people to drop their scrap next to it on the asphalt. At least this way you reduce the eye sore and keep hazardous obstacles (which you may be liable for anyways) out of public harm’s way.

Because it’s Actually Affordable

Far too many businesses and building owners live with the pile of junk next to their existing waste bin because they assume that it’s too expensive to maintain a dumpster on site for a month or even just a week. That may be the case with some service providers in certain cities, but not with Winnipeg’s Affordable Bins. Click here to view our rates and see what we mean.

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