Dumpster Rental for Hotels

Dumpster Rental for Hotels

Slowly but surely the tourism industry is bouncing back in Canada. Manitoba and the Winnipeg area are especially slated to have a banner year as the summer fast approaches. As such, hotels and resort properties through our neck of the province are getting ready for the inevitable rush. You’re among them, and amidst the preparations, you are considering renting a dumpster to help manage certain workloads. Below is why a dumpster rental is indeed a great idea, and why Affordable Bins is the best option. 

Why Rent a Dumpster to Get Your Winnipeg Hotel Ready for the Up and Coming Tourism Season

You’re Undertaking Renovations / Retrofits

During traditional off-seasons hotels undertake renovations and retrofits to some extent. But we’re coming off of the longest off-season that has ever been seen in the tourism industry, and a number of upgrades are no longer “nice to haves” but outright requirements. In addition to aesthetic enhancements, you may be required to create new spaces that consider updated health measures, or at least new consumer preferences in that capacity. These enhancements may include the addition of new outdoor dining and other leisure spaces. Then there are the upgrades made to improve air filtration and ventilation, along with IoT Smart installations to improve energy efficiency and overall functionality. The list goes on and on. With each renovation/retrofit upgrade comes waste, scrap, and junk, all of which must be carefully and effectively gathered so as to keep the property obstacle, eyesore, and liability free. Instead of letting it all pile up in the back alley, loading bay, or elsewhere, relegate it all into designated dumpster bins for effective collection and subsequent removal.  

Regular Upkeep

Under the above scenario (renovations and retrofits) you may only require an on-site dumpster bin for a week or month. We’ve got you covered there. However, many hotels find it beneficial to keep one (or more) on site for extended periods, including (or especially) during tourism season. That’s because a lot of scrap is produced when managing a hotel throughout the spring, summer, and during conventions/events and the like. Everything from broken furnishings to landscaping waste accumulates through the weeks of tourism season, and this can leave you wishing for a more effective way to quickly collect and dispose of it all. That is why we offer dumpster rental for a month, or longer, for as long as you require it.

Why Choose Affordable Bins for Your Hotel Property Junk Management Needs

You’ve come to terms with the fact that you need to rent a dumpster for your hotel. Now you must decide which bin rental company is best suited to your needs. Affordable Bins has you covered on all bases. For one, we have the most diverse fleet of dumpsters that are available in optimal sizes and load capacities. We also have the supplementary vehicles and machinery (and staff) to position your dumpster/s wherever you need them. In addition, we have the most cost efficient rates for week long rentals, and longer. We also have one of the most expansive service areas, including towns outside of the greater Winnipeg area. Lastly, we also offer commercial property junk removal too!

Unsure of what type of dumpster (and/or for how long) you need for your hospitality property? We’re happy to help you work out the logistics. Call us today at 204.222.6004 to get a quote.

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