Should I Rent a Dumpster Before Winter Arrives?

Should I Rent a Dumpster Before Winter Arrives?

Winnipeg winter is upon us and households are preparing for the freeze. You’ve checked your HVAC systems and even insulation to ensure that your home will remain cozy and warm until the thaw of spring. However, there is also work to be done outdoors that some homeowners don’t consider. And to make it run more smoothly you should consider renting a residential dumpster bin for a week. Here’s why.

Why Winnipeg Homeowners Should Consider Renting a Dumpster Bin When Preparing Their Properties for the Arrival of Winter

A Receptacle to Catch Roof and Gutter Debris

One of the most important parts of home exterior winter preparedness is roof and gutter cleaning. Over the summer and autumn a ton of debris has made its way on to roofing and into gutters and downspouts. With snow on the way you need it all cleared out and away. Otherwise you run the risk of overflow and the formation of hazardous ice-dams into gutters, all of which threaten your roofing system along with the foundation and direct exterior of your house. By renting a small 3- to 7-cubic yard bin and placing it at the end of your gutter system where the debris will be swept/flushed out, you benefit from having a “catch-basin”. This negates the unpleasant task of having to manually scoop the mess up from your lawn or deck.

Removing Hazards from the Lawn

You may have old items on your lawn that you had planned to remove but have procrastinated on for far too long. We’re talking old scrap wood, metal, and brick along with “natural” obstacles such as broken branches, large rocks, and anything else commonly found laying about the backyard. When covered by snow they become an unseen risk that threatens anyone who ventures on to your property, including the kids may use your yard for wintertime play. In addition, snow adds a lot of pressure to the already heavy scrap piles on your lawn, which can damage the soil and landscape, rendering it a costly mess that won’t be apparent until the arrival of spring. Before the seasonal blanket of snow arrives, rent a dumpster for your yard, toss all of your outdoor scrap into it, and have the junk removed. It will be a huge weight off of your property, and your mind.

Winter Cleaning for Your Interior Too

Having a dumpster on site for the week will also give you added incentive to clean out the garage, shed, and even the interior of your home. Never mind spring-cleaning, “winter cleaning” should be a thing from here on in! It makes perfect sense with the Holidays around the corner, as a home clear of clutter is more conducive to entertaining and general enjoyment of the season. Trust us, when there’s a big green bin sitting right outside of that backdoor you can’t help but be inspired to toss away the junk you’ve been unnecessarily hoarding for all of these years.

If your home is in the greater Winnipeg area, contact Affordable Bins for residential dumpster rental and junk removal. View bins and rates here, and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions at all.

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