Should I Rent a Dumpster? 5 Scary Things That Can Happen if You Don’t

Should I Rent a Dumpster? 5 Scary Things That Can Happen if You Don’t

All Hallows’ Eve is upon us, which has inspired us to answer your question about whether or not to rent a dumpster with a haunting take on the matter. If you have a residential relocation, renovation, or cleanup on the horizon, there are a number of hair-raising things that can happen without a dumpster on-site. Beware of the following.

5 Frightening Things That May Occur if You Don’t Rent a Dumpster for Your Residential Project (Halloween Edition)

I. Torn Up Terrain

Walk by any relocation, renovation, or landscaping project for a detached family home and you’ll find all kinds of junk and scrap on the lawn. This buildup will likely cause significant destruction to the landscape of the property. This could cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damage to the exterior property. Instead, make a small investment by renting a dumpster and you’ll save your terrain from ruin.

II. Broken Bones

When scrap is not placed in a protective receptacle it becomes a hazardous obstacle for your home’s occupants along with guests and any contractors (as applicable) that visit and/or work on your property. Prevent bumps, bruises, slips, trips, falls and subsequent broken bones by keeping scrap in a secure dumpster.

III. Get Taken for Your Loot

Do you know what can happen if visitors on your property sustain an injury due to the obstacles left about your yard? They may take you to claims court. Injuries from on-property slips, trips, and falls make up a significant portion of claims against homeowners insurance policies in Manitoba. If this happens to you, and you can show that you exercised due diligence to create a safe environment on your property by renting a dumpster, you reduce your vulnerability in claims court.

IV. Neighbors Get Nasty

Neighbors hate to see a pile of junk next door. It’s an eyesore that reflects poorly on the community. If you’re the culprit, you’ll become the bane of your neighborhood and pretty soon an irritation can become an all-out war with the folks next door. Rent a dumpster for your renovation/landscaping scrap before it comes to that.

V. Creepy Critters and Creatures

Rats, raccoons, mice, and all sorts of rodents, pests, and insects look at a scrap pile as a place to call home. They will nest, mate, and defecate. And when winter weather arrives, they will find a way inside of your home and do their worst to make it uninhabitable. Either cough-up a small fortune in future pest control, or pay a small rental fee to get yourself a dumpster.

Don’t let any of the above frightening events happen to you this season. Rent a dumpster from Affordable Bins for your Winnipeg area relocation, renovation, or landscaping project.

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