Why Rent a Dumpster to Prepare for the Holidays

Why Rent a Dumpster to Prepare for the Holidays

The Holiday season is almost here. Starbucks cups have turned red, and the smell of pumpkin spice has morphed into peppermint. You’re getting ready for all of the hoopla that comes with it, preparing your home for the decorating and entertaining to come. But before you jump in, we encourage you to consider adding an unlikely ally for Holiday season prep for the home, a one-week dumpster rental. Confused? Read on to find out why it’s not farfetched at all.

How a Dumpster Rental Can Help Your Winnipeg Household Get Ready for the Holiday Season

Get The Yard Ready for Exterior Decor

Does your home exterior resemble the Griswold abode during December? Then you’re going to need to free-up space to make room for your Christmas lights and Holiday season lawn decor. It’s not only important for visuals, as removing yard junk also keeps everyone safe from slips, trips, and falls when decorating, especially the clumsy Clark Griswolds of your family. That means removing old wood and scrap metal along with landscaping obstacles such as broken branches and rocks in addition to any other rubbish that you may have laying about the backyard

Out With the Old (in with the new)

The biggest benefit of having a one-week bin rental prior to the Holidays, is that it provides you with a receptacle to toss your household’s old and unwanted junk into. This includes old Holiday season decor – the same ones you swore you’d never set up and plug-in again. Your dumpster will provide you with incentive to get rid of it and head over to Canadian Tire and Home Depot for exciting new decorations that don’t include an inflatable Yoda and R2D2 in a Santa hat. But your dumpster will also provide you with incentive to comb through your attic, basement, closets, pantry, garage, guesthouse, and shed to gather up all of the other scrap that has collected over the years before. During Christmas, family household possessions increase as large new toys, exercise equipment, recreational gear, and more is unwrapped on Christmas morning. Make room for it all by getting rid of the passé items from Christmases (and years) past.

A pre-Holidays dumpster rental makes a lot of sense now, doesn’t it? Worried about the appearance of having a dumpster on your property for a week leading into the Holidays? Don’t sweat the neighbors, including the Scrooges, as we have the equipment and crew to ensure that your bin is placed exactly where you want it to be – including the discreet recesses near your home and away from community view. Of course, it can’t be entirely camouflaged, it certainly helps that our bins happen to be a festively green color! View our affordable weekly dumpster rates (and sizes) right here. If you want we can also take care of the junk removal for you.

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