Dumpster Rental for Small Business

Dumpster Rental for Small Business

There are a variety of reasons a small business needs to rent a dumpster, including (but not exclusive to) the following:

  • Cleanup required after a grand opening, or other on-site event/promotion
  • Renovation/remodel
  • Relocation
  • Scrap cleanup required after major shipment
  • Scrap cleanup required after inventory management
  • Weekly or monthly use to manage seasonal increases in scrap and waste
  • Other

If you require a dumpster for one or more of the above, and you’re located in the greater Winnipeg area, you’ve arrived in the right place. Here’s why.

3 Reasons Why Your Small Business in Winnipeg Will Benefit by Renting Your Dumpster from Affordable Bins

Small Dumpsters for Small Businesses Too

We may be well known for having dumpsters to accommodate large projects in commercial, industrial, and multi-residential sectors, but our hearts lay with the small businesses that drive our local economy. As a result, we have made sure to include a number of small dumpsters in our fleet to accommodate your needs. We have 3-cubic yard bins, and the most popular of all amongst our SMB clients – our 7-cubic yard bins. View more on our small dumpster rentals.

Full Service so Small Businesses Can Focus

As a small business, you can’t take your foot off of the gas in a highly competitive marketplace. Whatever is driving your need to rent a dumpster (renovation, etc.) is already taking up your time, and you don’t need anything else to get in the way of servicing your customers/clients. When you book your dumpster rental with Affordable Bins, you will enjoy a full-service experience that lets you focus on your business. Our administrative staff is easy to talk to, and will recommend the best course of action (bin sizes and duration of rental period) based upon your stated goals. From there, you’ll enjoy drop-off and pick-up which is included in our prices. Better yet, we have the equipment (roll-on roll-off trucks and cranes) required to place your bin exactly where you need it for greater convenience. Furthermore, we also provide junk removal. You really don’t have to do a thing after you’ve called us at 204-222-6004 to book your rental.

Cost Efficient for Small Business Budgets

With Affordable Bins, you enjoy premium service at the most cost efficient dumpster rental rates in Winnipeg. You can review prices for weekly rentals (and monthly extensions) right here.


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