Warehouse Dumpster Rental

Warehouse Dumpster Rental

Have you inherited the unfortunate job of having to clear out a warehouse in the greater Winnipeg area? Whether you’re making room for more storage, cleaning out the expansive space for a new commercial/industrial enterprise, or need to clear everything out to sell the property, you’re staring down the barrel of a very big task. You don’t have the time, human resources, or desire to sort through it all. Nor have the Canadian Pickers contacted you to take some of the junk off of your hands. There’s only one solution that you’re considering – toss it all in to a dumpster. It’s the fastest and most efficient way to deal with the warehouse cleanup project. The good news, is that you are in the Winnipeg area. This means that you have access to the best dumpster rental service around. Below is everything you need to know.

Why You Should Choose Affordable Bins’ Dumpster Rental Service When You Need to Clear Out a Warehouse

You Need it ASAP

You need a warehouse dumpster today. Not next week, or next month. Unlike other operators in the region, we have the “inventory” of dumpsters to ensure that we can fulfill your requirement as soon as you need it. You won’t have to wait for another renter to be done with their dumpster before you can get yours.

You Need Any and All Sizes

In addition to “inventory” we have the most diverse collection of dumpster bins in the city. We have 3-cubic yard bins, 7-cubic yard bins, 15-cubic yard bins, 20-cubic yard bins, and even dedicated concrete dumpsters. We’re your “one size fits all” dumpster rental service.

You Can Throw Anything in Our Bins

Is your warehouse filled with an eclectic collection of everything under the rainbow? If it looks like anything in the featured image above (or worse) then you definitely need our dumpster rental service. Our bins have been manufactured to manage any and all types of scrap. This isn’t some typical marketing statement. We have created a guide to that details everything our bins can manage. Click to view the guide below:

The Most Cost Efficient Warehouse Dumpster Rental Service

Cost is a major consideration for you, as the warehouse cleanup process itself (hiring laborers to gather and toss, etc.) is enough to be a financial burden. Your dumpster rental should not add to the budgetary strain. Fret not, because we also have the most cost efficient service in the city. View our weekly rates right here. And if you need to keep the bin/s for longer than anticipated, there is just a small (very small) $10 per day extra fee. We even have monthly rates available for special projects.

Warehouse Junk Removal Too

Lastly, Affordable Bins offers Winnipeg’s most cost efficient junk removal service too. Not only will you enjoy access to the best bins for your warehouse cleanup, we will take the pile of junk away once you’re done filling your bin/s. You can either preschedule the pickup, or call us as soon as your dumpster/s are loaded and ready for removal and responsible disposal (recycling, etc.).

That’s it! What more do you need to know? If anything, just give us a ring by calling the number below.

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